You can download a copy of the bylaws here.



1.01 The name of the club is VEGA Booster Club, and may also be known as VBC.

1.02 The VBC operates in Clark County, within the State of Washington.

1.03 The current mailing address of the VBC is: 19215 SE 34th St– Ste 106/PMB 370– Camas, WA 98607

1.04 The VBC fiscal and operational year shall be Sept 1 – Aug 31 annually.

1.05 The VBC is a non-profit organization supporting local junior athletes. The VBC is affiliated with VEGA Gymnastics & Virtuosity Performing Arts Studio, the only comprehensive athletic and artistic studio in the East Clark County area. The club provides administrative and monetary support to the athletes and families participating in competitions and performances in gymnastics, cheer, and dance.

1.06 Members, Executive board members, Operating board members, committee members, or any other persons operating in any capacity as a representative of the VBC are prohibited from using the VBC as a means of obtaining a private profit and/or to further individual purposes and gain. Nor may any of the above named persons receive any salary or monetary compensation from the VBC for his/her volunteer services.

1.07 The VBC works cooperatively with VEGA Gymnastics & Virtuosity Performing Art Studio (V/V), a for profit entity, to support our athletes and families. There shall not be any undue influence placed on the VBC by the for profit entity for any reason, financially or operationally.

MEMBERSHIP – Section 2

2.01 Membership in the VBC is required of any family, parent, or legal guardian with an athlete on a VEGA/Virtuosity competitive gymnastics or cheer team, or competitive and performance dance team.

2.01a With regards to section 2.01, included teams are defined as: XCEL competitive gymnastics team; J/O compulsory or optional competitive gymnastics team; Men’s compulsory or optional competitive gymnastic team; Cheer competitive team; competitive and performance Dance teams.

2.02 Membership in the VBC is automatic, and begins once an athlete is placed on a qualifying team and V/V parent/athlete agreements are signed.

2.03 Membership is the VBC is non-expiring, and will be automatically renewed annually unless/until the VBC receives email notification from the divisional head coach and verification from the V/V office that an athlete has left the competitive team program.

2.04 Membership fees for the VBC are currently $25 per year, and will be charged to the credit card attached to your account on Sept 15th annually. Membership fees are necessary to cover basic operational expenses, which are explained in the VBC parent handbook. There will be no refunds of the annual membership fee once charged, regardless of the reason for separation from the qualifying team.

2.05 Only (1) one membership fee will be charged per family, regardless of the number of athletes per family.

2.06 Voting rights for each member family will include (1) vote per family in good standing for each item requiring a general membership vote, regardless of the number of athletes per family.

2.07 All families with a qualifying athlete will be required to be members of the VBC, including families where one or more parent or guardian is employed by VEGA/Virtuosity. Employment by VEGA/Virtuosity is not an exemption from membership requirements.

2.08 All members of the VBC shall be expected to abide by the VBC Code of Conduct (Attachment A).


3.01 The VBC shall be governed by a board of volunteers comprised of VBC members. The board shall include an Executive Board (E-Board) and an Auxiliary Board.

3.01 The E-Board shall consist of (5) five primary positions: President – Vice President – Secretary – Treasurer – Fundraising Coordinator. Every effort shall be made annually to fill the E-Board positions. E-Board positions will be granted E-Board voting rights to conduct club business. E-Board voting rights are in addition to General Membership voting rights as outlined in Section 5/Voting Rights.

3.02 The Auxiliary Board shall consist of additional positions that assist the E-Board and further the mission of the VBC. Examples of auxiliary positions: Webmaster – Sponsorship and Marketing – Travel Coordinator – Fan Gear Coordinator. Additional positions may be created as volunteers with special skill sets or subject matter experts present themselves to the board for consideration. For example: a parent with graphic art expertise volunteers to create a VBC logo. The volunteer may be appointed to an auxiliary position (title to be determined) to assist the board. Auxiliary board members will not be granted E-Board voting rights, however will retain their General Membership voting rights for items outlined in Section 5/Voting Rights.

3.03 In accordance with Section 1.07, no person employed by or receiving pay from VEGA/Virtuosity Performing Arts Studio (V/V) in any capacity may not hold an E-Board position. V/V employees may, with the approval of the E-Board and V/V management, hold Auxiliary positions on a case by case basis.

3.04 E-Board positions and job descriptions are noted in Attachment B.

MEETINGS – Section 4

4.01 General Membership (GM) Meetings – There shall be one (1) GM meeting per calendar year. The GM meeting shall be held in September and shall include the approval of the annual budget, amendments to the club bylaws (if any), announcement of annual volunteer requirements, and announcement of annual fundraisers scheduled. General Membership meetings shall be open to all members.

4.02 Board Meetings – Regularly scheduled board meetings shall be held once each month. The incoming board each year shall determine the recurring date and time of meetings for the upcoming year annually by September. Notice of the date, time, and agenda for each regularly scheduled meeting shall be posted at least 5 days prior to each meeting. Changes to the date and time or the cancellation of the regularly scheduled meeting may occur at the Board’s recommendation; when such a change occurs, the GM shall be notified via email. Board meetings shall be open to all members who wish to attend.

4.02a Board Meetings shall follow a standard agenda (Attachment C) and shall be governed by the revised Roberts Rules of Order.

4.02b GM members who wish to present ideas, concerns, or other items shall notify the club via email at least 7 days prior to any scheduled meeting to be added to the agenda.

4.02c GM members attending Board Meetings or any other club meeting shall abide by the VBC Code of Conduct. GM members in violation of the Code of Conduct (Attachment A) may be asked to leave the meeting, and may be subject to restriction of attendance at future club meetings as determined by the E-Board.

4.03 Executive Session Meetings – The E-Board may elect to hold an Executive Session meeting as needed to conduct sensitive or urgent club business. Executive Session meetings shall be closed to General Membership members and Auxiliary Board members. No business that involves a financial expenditure will be decided by a vote in an Executive Session. If such business arises, the issue will be brought to the GM for a vote. Business involving discipline, sensitive or otherwise private information may be decided by vote in an Executive Session meeting. No meeting minutes shall be kept during the discussion portion of any Executive Session meeting.

4.04 Special or Emergency Meetings – additional meetings requiring the attendance of the general membership (GM) may be called by the E-Board as it deems necessary for the best interest of the organization. Specifically, business requiring a GM vote should be performed at a Special Meeting. The call for a Special Meeting shall be made with 10 days advance notice when at all possible and must state the main purpose of the meeting.


5.01 In accordance with Section 2.06: Voting rights for each member family will include (1) vote per member family in good standing for each item requiring a general membership vote, regardless of the number of athletes per family. Good standing shall mean all fees are up to date, no violations of the parent/spectator code of conduct, and any prior year’s volunteer requirements have been met.

5.02 The General Membership shall vote on the following items:

  • The approval of the annual budget
  • The annual election of E-board members
  • The approval of E-Board recommendations for interim E-Board members
  • Any changes or amendments to the club bylaws
  • Any changes or amendments to written procedures
  • The approval of any non-budgeted item over $250

5.03 All other business shall be conducted by the E-Board.

5.03a A quorum of active E-Board members must be present in order to conduct club business requiring an E-Board vote. A quorum of active E-Board members is defined as two-thirds (2/3) of active officers.

5.03b A simple majority of the quorum will carry E-Board votes.

5.04 At all meetings, except for the election of E-Board members, all votes shall be by voice, unless otherwise stated and for reasonable purpose

5.05 Unless otherwise stated, a simple majority of active members present will carry these motions.

5.06 For the election of E-Board members, ballots shall be provided and there shall not appear any place on the ballot any markings that could indicate the person who cast the ballot. A 2-envelope system consisting of an unmarked inner envelope, and an outer envelope with marked location for the signature of the voting member shall be used.


6.01 The funds of the VBC shall be kept in financial institutions selected by the E-Board.

6.02 There shall be two (2) E-Board members listed on the accounts of the VBC at all times. Typically, these members shall be the club President and the club Treasurer, unless a vacancy exists. In cases of a vacancy of one of the listed positions, the E-Board may choose secondary members to place on the club accounts.

6.03 The two (2) signors shall have the authority to issue club checks for regularly scheduled payments of debts and club expenses, payments related to fundraising products ordered by members, the transfer of comp credit account funds earned to member comp accounts, event expenses, or any other budgeted item in any amount. Amounts paid shall be verified via invoice, statement, or account by both signors prior to issuance of a club check.

6.04 Requests for reimbursement of expenses for any club related business shall be documented on the VBC Reimbursement Expense form, and submitted with invoices or receipts for verification.

6.05 In the event that one of the club account signors is requesting reimbursement, the alternate signor shall verify the receipts and issue the reimbursement check. In no event shall the person requesting reimbursement issue or sign the reimbursement check.

6.06 Any non-budgeted, non-routine expenses in excess of $250 shall be put before the GM for approval.

6.07 The club Treasurer shall prepare a budget update to be presented at each monthly Board Meeting.

6.08 The annual club budget shall be presented to the General Membership during the September Annual General Membership meeting for approval.

6.09 The VBC charges a $25 membership fee per family annually. The membership fee covers the operational expenses of the club, such as PO box rental, web hosting, business licenses and renewals, general liability and other required insurances, pre-purchase of event supplies, and state and federal taxes in accordance with being a non-profit entity, among other items listed in the annual budget.


  • GM – General Membership
  • CA – Competition Account (also referred to as Comp Account)
  • IFA – Individual Fundraising Account
  • VBC – VEGA Booster Club
  • V/V – VEGA Gymnastics & Virtuosity Performing Arts Studio